Trumpts sound loud, flags wave abound, in the steady winds of change!  Victory is at hand!  

I have grasped the power of GLSL firm enough to plunge it forthwith into the beast of ignorance.  And, once again, the app does run smoothly to the delight of it's maker.

...not sure where that came from, I think I blacked out.. sorry.

The last 3 years...

For the last three years I've worked with Office Depot Global headquarters, in Boca Raton as a B2B contractor.  My development team worked on Office Depot's European presence, Viking Direct.   Viking represnts many countries, in many language combinations, a total of over 40 website permutations, supporting over $2 Billion in online commerce.  In those 3 years, my team changed DRASTICALLY!  When I started as a Sr UI (User Interface) Developer, in October 2011, I was 1 of 2 UI Developers, and 1 of 6 total developers on the team.  


Back from vacation update...

I'm just back from a week vacation in Pennsylvania.  PA is beautiful... and remote.  SO, my connectivity was very limited.  While most of the days were full with my cousin's graduation, I was able to utilize some mornings for development.  I kept a log!  So, I'll dump that below to keep my development blog alive and well......



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