My Hourly Rate

Any given design job will, of course, begin with an estimate.  But, regardless of what I'm doing for you, I base my initial estimate on my hourly rate.  During my estimate process, I break down the job in to attainable goals, or milestones.  I then estimate how long it will take to complete those tasks.  I add up those hours and multiply it by 60 and viola, a freelance work estimate, hot out of the oven.  And, it smells delicious!

How do I get my hourly rate?

I get my hourly rate based on the going rate of other freelancers,, of course.  However, you'll find that I charge far less than they do.  The recommended rate of most freelancers are anywhere from $50-$120/hr  So, with my number of years designing and programming, why do I charge less?  I'm crazy nice like that!  However, when I get super busy, that rate goes up!  So, if you catch me in a slow time, consider yourself lucky and give me a call.