Virtual Video Spokesperson

What is a Internet Video Spokesperson? It's the newest form of website video marketing using real people right on your website. It is a company spokesperson that Greets, Informs and Sells your products and services 24/7 right from the website.

Adding a video spokesperson to your website will increase your visitor retention. Using one of our video spokesmodels has proven to increase your bottom line. Furthermore, you have the option to be your own video spokesperson

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Why you should use a Video Spokesperson on your website:

  • Custom tailor a truly interactive experience for your website visitors.
  • Captures the attention of fickle web surfers and deliver your company message.
  • A powerful "Call to Action" for your products or services.
  • No changes needed to your existing website.
  • Spokesmodel is not branded, no hidden advertisements.
  • Only state of the art video and lighting equiptment is used.
  • The highest quality video spokeperson production at the best price.
  • You have the option to host your own streaming video, other services charge monthly for this.